6 Reasons Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Are you a company just starting out? Do you want to get the best out of internet from the beginning? Well, then you need a website. And by that I mean “A Quality Website”. A Quality Website is one that meets up the standards of modern search engine algorithms and looks catchy at the same time. For that you’d need a website which is responsive. Besides being catchy in design and presenting the information in a systematic manner, the ideal website should be responsive in nature. Now, responsive websites have numerous benefits. Let us go over six major benefits of such a website.


1. Responsive Design is Preferred for SEO

With the largest amount of share (precisely 67%) in the search marketing industry, Google is in charge. Whatever Google tags as “The Best”, users tend to follow and Google thinks, “Responsive Website is the Way to go”. It simplifies things when you use one responsive site for various mobile phones and desktops alike. Therefore, when you share a website from your Smartphone to your friend who is using desktop, the layout wouldn’t be stripped. As a result, the user experience would be lot smoother and Search Engine Rank of your site will increase.

2. One Website, Many Devices

In Bangladesh, the recent surge of Smartphones and Tabs has prompted many to opt for a kind of website, which aims to serve both Smartphone and desktop internet surfers. A responsive website can be the perfect answer. If you design a responsive website representing your business or institution, you’d not have to design separate websites for PCs, Tablets or Smartphones. One single site will suffice and will be perfectly accessible from all the devices.

3. A Responsive Site is Perfect for Mobile Since it Loads Quicker:

Well, it is true. Let me explain this thing (the loading issue) with an example. Let’s take it that you have configured a website for general computers like desktops or laptops. If someone tries to open the website from a mobile or smartphone, it will take time to load. Some might not load at all because they are coded for computers and not mobiles. But if you opt for a responsive theme website, it shows up perfectly in both types of devices. Since it is suited for mobiles and smartphones, it loads quickly and efficiently than the ones which are non-responsive.

4. Extremely Cost Beneficial:

You heard it right. Responsive Websites ARE COST EFFICIENT. How? Well, if you opt for a normal website now days, you’d have to design two. There is one for the computer users and the other one is for mobile phone users. Now try maintaining two at once. It will cost you twice as much as maintaining just the one website. The job becomes much easier for people if they have a responsive website layout as one website is very much accessible from ANY device be it a mobile or a computer. Naturally, the cost comes down to a manageable level as well.

5. Meant for Users of All types:

Not all of us are adept at using either a computer or mobile phones. Keeping that in mind, if you design a responsive website, you’d get people coming in using computers and Smartphones or mobiles alike. The interface of a responsive layout becomes significantly easy to handle depending upon the device people are using. It molds itself according to the platform to provide better user experience than the non-responsive ones.

6. Simple To Maintain:

A responsive site is simple and less time consuming when it comes to managing. Imagine you have two different websites for two types of devices. Then you’d have to spend double money, run two separate campaigns for SEO and above all, you’ll have to run basic maintenance of the websites paying twice as much money to the developers compared to a single site. But a responsive website can cut down the cost to half. You just need one SEO Strategy, less is the development and the maintenance cost as well.