Meet with Our Web Based Ready Applications

To make your business more flexible, faster and easier. OVO Technology introduces 6 types of web based ready application services. Which are simultaneously updating with the market demand. Small business to a big production company, basically, the applications is strict to Inventory Management System, Pharmacy Billing System, Restaurant Billing System, EASY Billing System, Dealer Management System and Team Management System.

Inventory Management System

This is onerous to manage one or more inventory, hard to look up, search and find stuffs. Computer making that task is easier comparatively manageable by ledger difficulties. Zero possibilities of losing data, keep it safely for years, and find stuffs within a second. Manage quickly with no mistakes, the Inventory Management System has perceived features that are easy to operate for all.


  • Get an option for wholesale, discounts and instant invoice even printed copy.
  • Create multiple users, observe day or month wise wholesale, cash sale, transport, invoice and other reports.
  • Conserve information separately of product buying and selling price, qualities, quantities, damaged products and manage product lists.


Pharmacy Billing System

Pharmacy Billing System lets you know about your medicine’s stock. You will have a medicine list with its information that you inputted before. New and old customer list, generate bills, search a medicine, its pursuit’s rate, selling price, wholesale, and every medicine information remain organized. Get rid from tough maintenance system of your pharmacy. The application helps you smoothly operate your pharmacy.


  • See summary at the dashboard after login, save customer information, make invoice and print the copy.
  • Enrich medicine index, count quantity, type, company, sale and buying info. Find medicine within a short time.
  • Generate bill, search existing customer report, daily and monthly and annual report.


Restaurant Billing System

Restaurants has to go into a busy process every day and owner expense their exertion to keep records on ledger books. Record all business data into a minimal space, track fraudulent activities or give a printed bill. See quickly daily expense, compere your business conditions. The Restaurant Billing System accelerates your business.


  • Search food item and price from your FOOD LIST togenerate bill.
  • It stores business information and invoice, you can check at anywhere when necessary.


EASY Billing System

Applicable for general stores, whole seller, bookstore, electronic shop, grocery store, small business or varieties store where need to handle mass billing regularly. EASY Billing System introduces for making easy billing, printing invoice and maintaining accounting as the step to convert your information text to digital data. As the result, you have saved all your business information for future.


  • Easy to serve customer 
  • Quick bill generate 
  • Easy to find customer payment history 
  • At a glance its possible to see all customer payment history 


Dealer Management System

Specific dealers have to write down a lot of information. This Application effective making one step ahead to bring information near of hand. Dealer Management System works as an assistant of a dealer. It will go to a dealer, receive and delivery information at the exact time.



Team Management System

This is a system to evaluate a marketing team by monitoring their sells and also any other. 


  • Possible to set target for every marketing team 
  • Montoring every member achivment