People depend on online these days, and having a website is must for business now to grab them as client. In the recent time, importance of having a website is in high priority after getting our generation into an internet boom! Designing/Developing a website is easy, you can have one by around a week of effort! But getting a worthy website/web application takes huge effort, industry knowledge and implementation of best practices. At OVO Technology, we build ROI centric Website for growing companies, assuring maximum usability.

Thousands of people are searching for the service/product of yours in Google. You can easily get them buy your service/product by ranking your website on the top of Google. The search engine giant ranks a website based on On-Page and Off-Page factors of the particular site. At OVO Technology, we do care all the on-page issues of your website. Our Code and Design follows the Google recommended standards, so you can get high priority on search engine ranking. We don’t charge you for the on-page optimization, we want our client

Why you will be on backdated technology when there is an update? We don’t want you to be! We work on latest technologies and solutions. For content management system, we always use the updated version of the software, or for security improvement, we do use the latest possible technologies to secure your data online. In terms of design and development, we follow the latest trends and use the updated things for your projects. Even whenever there is a new technology, we do work to update your projects with new technology under

We see there are too many devices on the market now, smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop and many more! Each of the products have many version of themselves. At OVO Technologies, we always prefer to make your website Responsive, which means it can be viewed from all devices, with a native and easy to access and explore version. Whenever someone visit your website from mobile phone, it will show him a mobile version, on the other hand, it will be shown the main desktop version if he is from laptop or desktop! You don’t miss a

We always develop your website with dynamic content management system, which means you can manage your own website. You can edit your contents, add or delete any portion if you want. Updating your website is as easy as signing into any web service, even the novice can manage the website we design and develop. If you want to update your website with new contents, you can do it simply login into your website dashboard. You can also add any members to your website and assign them a ROLE, they will be able to make action based on your

Not only we provide website design and development service in Bangladesh, but also maintain our client websites. If you don’t want to go through the website content update pain by yourself, you can simply assign us, we will update the website as per your assignment. We also update the CMS or security bugs whenever it need to be updated. We care all the maintenance hassle so you don’t need to be worried about it. We also analyze the performance and do further design and development correction based on our findings. You